best modeling agency London

Best modeling agency in London

If you need to hire a models for different gigs, whether it’s photography session, catwalk, or any other thing, you want to hire girls that are experienced models, the reason for that is that inexperienced girls won’t know exactly how they should pose in front of the camera and they will be shy to get in different positions with opposite sex, that’s why you always want to choose girls modeling agency that has girls with long experience.

Here is a list of London‘s best modeling agencies

London Beauty

London Beauty is a modeling agency from which you can hire female and male models for numerous of occasions, but especially for fashion shows. The models that are being managed by the agency are experienced and have been modeling for three plus years so they will definitely know what to do in front of the camera, and they will help you to achieve a great result.

Dolls and Roses

Dolls and Roses isn’t your typical modeling agency as they specialize on the best high-class escorts in London, this, however, doesn’t mean that you should not hire them for your passion project as these girls have a perfect body, in many occasions even better than models from reputable modeling agencies. The reason for that is that they have to keep in shape otherwise they will not get hired. The other reason why you should consider to hire a beautiful girl from Dolls and Roses is that they know how to seduce the viewer that will see the pictures of them as these girls are professionals at seducing men and women with their sensual look.

Kids Models London  

If you ask any photographer he will tell you that the worst thing is to work with animals and kids, that however isn’t true if you hire a kids model form Kids Models London, as this modeling agency has a lot of talented kids who are available for a photo shoot.

Get That Professional Shot in London

He is a photographer with lots of experience in capturing fashion events, interiors and exteriors, nature and even products for businesses who want to do product reviews or market their products. His photos are taken with skill and in a dramatic way. Nunzio is a  great architecture photographer in London who is not afraid of exploring the other side of photography. His skills are recognized and have made him feature in top architecture magazines and various platforms online. He is the photographer to seek if you want a shot that leaves a lasting impression in the eyes of your clients. He owns and runs a photo studio in East London known as 69drops studio.

Canary Wharf in London at night


Nunzio Prenna studied 3D in university with the hope of working in the movie industry. His desire was not fulfilled because jobs in that sector were hard to come by. He ended up becoming a 3D visualizer in an architectural firm. While working in the architectural sector, he felt he was missing something and that was photography. He started taking shots of landscapes, buildings and this is what inspired him more and more to follow his passion. His photos in most cases have buildings incorporated in them. He believes that buildings in a way are photogenic.


Nunzio is a talented photographer who leaves his clients satisfied. With his camera, he can leave a lasting memory for any event. He is a photographer with the desire of the client at heart. He strives to fulfill the clients need and even exceed their expectation. His experience in photography is vast and he can make an event memorable with his fantastic shots. His talent has won him respect and recognition in London and beyond. His work has a touch of quality that is unrivaled. Nunzio is an accomplished photographer who attests that his passion for photography started out as a fun activity that he did mostly while on school trips.