Guard Dog Cable Protectors

Cable cover is a part of safeguard Technology. it creates a safe Pedestrian walkaway over pipes and cables. It helps to avoid slips trips and Falls caused by exposed wires ,cables, pipes and conduits. By using Pipe and cable covers a non slip Bridge for food traffic over durable anti-slip surface is made. these are very lightweight and cost-effective and easy to stall. Standard and custom pipe and cable covers are pretty fabricates for quick and energy installation.

Guard Dog Cable Protectors

It is installed with the help of mechanical fasteners or Liquid adhesive. Pre drilled holes are also available. After using standard pipe and cable covers they are covered with yellow and with black edges. The length of two three four and five feet are installed. Are custom design your cover with colors including photoluminescence which is glow in the dark or descriptive messaging such as Watch your step for added safety.

Guard Dog Cable Protectors is an inseparable part of safeguard Technology. It is often used in offices malls households shops banks and other commercial and social Enterprises. It is also commonly used in face and festivals and conferences as a part of safeguard and look good technology. Organizers of fairs and festivals and conferences eliminating trip and fall hazards. The Guard Dog Cable Protectors and back covers deliver in this regard. They are made up of a strong polymer material that can stand up to 1,000 pounds.

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