How to choose perfect wedding venue

As a professional wedding photographer I’ve been to many weddings, and I’ve seen plenty of time the wedding venue that people have booked, and I can tell you one thing, if you want to be happy with your wedding it’s important to choose the best wedding venue for you, otherwise your wedding might turn into disaster.

Here are some basic steps that you have t keep in mind when choosing the best wedding venue.

1 Indoors or outdoors

If you are planning your wedding on summer in London, for example, the chances are that it might not rain and that the weather will be quite decent, but it’s not 100 percent sure. If you live in Scotland on the other hand, it’s quite likely that it will rain or be very bad weather on your wedding day, and that’s something that you definitely don’t want.

2 size

If you decide on indoors wedding venue you have to thing about the size of it. if you pick a venue that can accommodate, let’s say 200 people don’t try to fit more people inside, as this will lead to a nightmare as then you won’t have enough space for a dance and that will make everyone very miserable.
The bigger the venue it’s the better. Trust me, I’ve photographed many weddings in an enormous venue and everyone had a much better time than in some small place. The reason for this is that people could move and dance freely without any restriction. If your wedding will be in London, for example, it’s not a problem to find a large wedding venue as London has many great places where to get married which will suit every couple. I’ve been to a wedding that hosted more than 1000 people, you can imagine how big that was.


choose your venue carefully as it can, and will affect your special day.

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