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Unique and creative ideas to store your jewellery

For every lady who wishes to store her ever-increasing collection of jewellery need to go through this article. No matter how many jewellery storage boxes you have, it always seems you need a few more to store your baubles, bangles, earrings, necklaces and pieces that keep adding to your collection all the time. When you try to fit app the pieces of jewellery in one box, they not only fight for a place but also end up tangled with each other.

That is why if you need some unique ideas to store your precious jewellery. We have come up with some great ideas.

For your earrings:

Buy a stand or a rack for your earrings. This way they won’t get all messed up. You can quickly place it on your dresser. Some stands can place as many as fifty earrings at a time. Check out for great items. You will also get a significant amount of discount and offers on your purchase.

You can even create your stand. Use a picture frame that is old and lying around. Take out the area where the picture goes, with the help of a few wires, form your stand. You can do another thing to place your earrings. Hang a chain that has appropriate size links, now put your ornaments in it. Not only does add some decor to your room but it also keeps your earrings organised.

For your necklaces:

how to store the jewellery safely

Buy a stand that is copper made and hang your necklaces on it. It will prevent them from tangling with one another. Another way to place your rings, bracelets and necklaces is this. Break a small branch from the backyard of your house and stick it on your wall. Spray it with the same colour paint and hang all your jewellery. It will look great and keep your jewellery organised.

Use of a coat rack:

This is another creative idea that one can use. Place a coat rack right beside your dresser. Now, place your necklaces and baubles on it. It gives your room the decoration it needs and keeps your jewellery right where you can see it.

Don’t throw the empty pill cases:

The perfect place to store your jewels is the cases in which pills come in. We prefer the ones that have seven boxes together. Place your rings, earrings, brooches and bracelets in each box separately.

Use a mirror that will serve two purposes:

You will easily find mirrors that come with hangers for your necklaces. It will look amazing on your wall. They mostly have ten separate hooks to hold your bracelets and necklaces.

A place for your bracelets:

For your cuffs, bangles, watches and bracelets use jewellery boxes with rolls in them. You can even make one by merely rolling cardboard into a cylindrical shape. Now, place all your items in it.

Use of an old box:

Now, is the time to use a small box to store your precious rings. It will add character and look to your room too. Paint this old box and turn it into a work of art. Place some padding on the top and place your rings in it.

store your jewellery safely

Make some cones:

You can buy a few small sized cones and place them right beside your nightstand. These are incredibly eye-catching and useful. Sleeping or showering with your rings on can dull the shine of the rings. So, place them on your bathroom shelf or right beside your nightstand.

Use of old crockery:

How about creating a jewellery stand that is made out of crockeries? It will be perfect to place all your everyday use items in these crockeries. You can make a three-tiered stand. Place a cupcake holder in the bottom and then use an inverted glass as a stand place a round plate above it and an ice-cream cup will be standing from the middle of it. Glue it together, and you will have the ultimate jewellery stand.

These ideas are not only unique and creative, but they will also help to keep all your jewellery organised and in track. Try these ideas out and enjoy the beauty of your possessions.

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